I had the opportunity to work with Adobe Youth Voices here in San Jose, and put together a highlight reel for their film camp in February. The program is absolutely inspiring, and educational to the students as well as the mentors and instructors. The kids range in age from 12-17, and all of them take part in the collaborative process required to produce a film. The results are as diverse as the students themselves, and this batch of films ranged from a free-speech documentary, to an experimental film about the strength of sibling bonds, to a music video which featured an original track produced by the students themselves.

I was really impressed with how quickly the kids picked up on the process (from start to finish) of producing a video, and subsequently appreciated the importance of each role’s contribution to the project. Not all of the students will be professional media producers (but I’m certain that many will!). I do know that all of them will come away from the program with teamwork skills which will serve them later in life, in whatever they do.