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Feast in the Middle East

Blanche Shaheen is a wonderful personality and an amazing cook. I have produced several episodes of her web series, Feast in the Middle East, including the trailer here.

Watch all of the Feast in the Middle East episodes I’ve produced here

Bison Brewing Co.

Bison Brewing Company produces some of the best beer I’ve ever had. I had the pleasure of working with Bison’s owner and Brewmaster, Daniel Del Grande, on a series of videos about their brews.

Wine Riot

Second Glass puts on a series of wine tasting events across the country, to educate everyone they come in contact with about wines from around the world.

Mutineer Magazine Marvelous Millennial Wine Marketing Circus

The Wine Marketing Circus was a traveling series of presentations by wine marketing professionals which educated anyone who wanted to sell their juice to the next generation of wine drinkers, millennials.

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