Covid update

It looks like the total covid cases were, in fact, going up. I mused last month about how it seemed like more people I knew were coming down with Covid, as well as hearing anectdotally about new cases, but that didn’t seem to be reflected in the data. It seems that there was simply a lag in the data. Whe zoomed out, however, it’s not a big spike (though it may be just beginning). It’s a little surprising that such a small increase could show up so plainly in my direct circle of friends and family. The truth, as others have pointed out, is that the real numbers are probably under-counted.

Those who I know who were infected got through it with relatively mild symptoms. They tested often if they suspected exposure and received treatment from their doctors (but were not hospitalized). Long Covid symptoms are unknown. So while it’s a lot less scare than it was, it’s still here.